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Welcome to Dream-Oasis-Online

A Website For Best Relaxing, Deep Sleeping & Meditating Music

Our Mission Is
To Help You To Relax, Unwind and Rejuvenate Through
Better Sleep,
Reduced Stress,
Greater Concentration and
Improved Mental Wellness.

We Produced Innovative Relaxing Music With Binaural Beats And
Mind Enhancing Frequencies
To Help You Relax, Sleep, Focus, Meditate And Heal.

For The Same Purpose, Our Newly Released Sound-Lossless
Beautiful Cultural Piano & Guitar Tracks With
Very Mellow & Relaxing Melodies Which
Can Be Downloaded On iTunes Or On Our Website

Also We Encourage You To Close You Eyes And Setting Our
Soothing Power Of Music Playlists Or Albums On Background And Totally Unwinding Your Mind And Body.

Enjoy Our Music On Dream-Oasis-Online Daily
To Escape From The Stresses Of Day-To-Day Life.


The Self Music Therapy Exercise Guide

In order to understand how music works in a therapy setting for yourself

(Self Music Therapy), we have a short exercise guide that you can follow up.



you should put yourself in a place where you can sit back and relax. 

A highly tense environment may not be the ideal place to carry out this exercise. 

An ideal place where you can provide Self Music Therapy may be your bedroom or a lounging area in your home where you can lay down with the music you love.


Therefore, find a place where you have nothing to distract and

sit back and relax physically.

Keeping yourself warm, and putting your feet up.



Find the type of music that allows you to relax.

Different types of people prefer different genres of music.

If you have no personal preferences to choose from, 

we recommended that you can start from 

the Natural Sounds, Pure Binaural Beats, Chakra Heal Tones or

some Soothing Music Tracks.



settle yourself into the comfortable environment that

you just created for yourself and turn the music on.

Allow yourself to sit back,

while closing your eyes and letting the music take over you.


At this point, you should avoid making active use of your brain.

This means that you should have a calm mind

with less active thinking about anything.


However, it’s understandable that it becomes hard

to completely switch off your thoughts.


So how do you work your way around this?

Don’t worry about it, it’s a kind of human nature and 

it is highly possible to encounter this without sufficient exercise. 


To be a passive recipient to whatever thoughts are coming into your mind,

don’t actively try to shut off your brain entirely,

since that would not allow you to relax

as you will be diverting all your focus and attention to not thinking,

which essentially ruins the purpose of having Self Music Therapy.

Instead of it, let them flow through,

but don’t react to them, just focus on the music you are listening to.


Listening to relaxing music and meditation music

thirty minutes to sixty minutes at each practice session

if your purpose is not to drive yourself into deep sleep all night.

Once you open your eyes,

you may feel more at ease and comfortable

with those music tracks you were listening to.


After you keep on practicing this kind of technique on Self Music Therapy

you might find yourself achieving the Zen state in the near future.


This exercise will make you also

go to deep sleep naturally and easily

when you need it. 

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