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Featured New Releases

The Melancholy Heart (New Age Poetic Instrumentals)

Orchestral Soundscapes (Cinematic Version)

Love In Blue (New Age Featuring Pianos)

Oriental Ballads
(Easy Relaxing New Style)

Genre: "Relax Guitar" / "World Music" / "Experimental"


The Features

This Album Is The Original Experimental Guitar Solo Creation That Uses 

Spain Guitar To Perform Oriental Style Folk Music.


The Music Arrangement Makes Each Of The Single Tracks Feels Easy Listening

Which Is Good For Music Lovers & Proctitioners Relaxing & Unwinding, And

Also To Explore The Enjoyable Exotic Music


Love & Cinematic
(Piano | Violin | Strings & More)

Genre: "Neo-Classic" / "New Age Music"


Artist Highlight

The Sadness and Blue-Moods are not bad as most people thought,

there is nobody can be euphoria every day.

Just enjoy the moment of melancholy

to release the sentiment and comfort your inner space.


(Night Piano Essentials)

Genre: "Relax Piano" / "New Age Music" / "Classic Piano"


The Features

Our Newly Released Sound-Lossless Beautiful Cultural Piano Tracks With Mellow & Relaxing Melodies Which Are Very Good For Brain & Body Relaxing, Unwinding, & Rejuvenating.


Also The Cultural Lovely, Romantic Style Are Music Enjoyable,

The Hight-Tech Binaural Recording Will Be More Efficient To Achieve Your Goal.


Classical Impressions,Vol.1: Fadeless Forever

Classical Impressions,Vol.2: The Blue Keys

Amazing Grace (Spiritual Carols)

(Poetic Pure Piano Solos)

Genre: "Relax Piano" / "New Age Music"


The Features

This Is a newly released Album with multiple genres

but the same mood. It's very good for brain and body relaxing and unwinding.


Also the cultural Lovely, Romantic, Nostalgic style are music enjoyable,

and a touch of blue mood may make our life more colourful and meaningful.


Soulful & Spiritual
(New Age | Neo-Classic)

Genre: "Neo-Classic" / "New Age Music"


Artist Highlight

Music Is The Language Of Soul For Those Who Have A Heart Of Love ❤️ & A Sense Of Empathy 🧚‍♂️


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