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Music Track Download Instructions

Mobile & Tablet Zip File Download Instructions

If you experience issues downloading Zip files on mobile or tablet
please use a desktop,
if you are unable to access a desktop computer
please follow the relevant device steps below.

iOS Devices

If you are using an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad then
please follow the following steps to open the zip file and extract the downloads. 
The latest versions of iOS make it easy to download and save Zip files to an iPhone or iPad.  
You must have the Files app on iOS to be able to save and download zip files directly to an iPhone or iPad.
If you do not have the files app you will need to update your device or download it from the App Store.  
Older iOS devices without the Files app will need to follow the relevant steps below.

Older iOS Devices

  1. Download an app called iZip.

  2. Alternatively, search directly in the App Store for ‘iZip’ or please click here to download.

  3. Please download the free app and wait for it to install.

  4. Open the link to the zip file in a browser on your phone.

  5. Tap the Zip file and then tap Open in iZip button.

  6. The app will display a message ‘Would you like to unzip all files?’, please click OK.

  7. You can now view and preview all the files within the Zip folder.

Newer iOS Devices

  1. Open the browser on the iPhone or iPad and navigate to the zip file you want to download and save.

  2. Tap on the link to download the zip file as usual.

  3. A screen will appear in the browser that shows the zip file:

    1. Tap on ‘Open in Files” text button and then choose a save destination to download and save the zip file to that location in the Files app.

    2. Alternatively, tap on the ‘More…’ text button and then select ‘Save to Files’ from the options available.

    3. Save to iCloud or to the device.

  4. Now your downloaded zip file will be saved to the iPhone or iPad at the location in Files app of your choosing.

  5. You can now preview all content within the Zip folder.

Android Devices
  1. Install a free unzip tool from the play store. Open the play store and search for winzip. Select WinZip – Zip UnZip Tool.
  2.  Click here to download.
  3. Please download the free app and wait for it to install.
  4. Open WinZip and click start.
  5. Select your zip file, you will have to find this in your folders.
  6. Tap the file to open it and tick the files you want to UnZip.
  7. To extract the selected files, touch the file icon next to the tick in the top blue menu.

If your still having issues trying to download a zip file to your mobile devices please use a desktop first
then saving files to cloud or transfer to mobile devices directly.
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